So, first post, huh?

Uh, hi.

I’m Fang or Sic or Oliver or Liv or whichever of those things you wanna call me and this is apparently now my blog.

I do actually already have a blog on tumblr (a sideblog that is still more or less active and a main-blog that’s been dead for years now) and I had a blog on kwick (that’s also dead now) and theoretically I’ve got a blog-thingy on LJ, but I never use it, so it might as well be dead, I guess.

You can probably imagine what this blog will end up like, judging from that blog-history, can’t you?

Though I will try to not let this blog die – and if necessary, just bring it back into life after a few months of fake-death (shh, it’ll really just be sleeping during those. Like a fish!:3), so that can happen from now on.

I… don’t really know what this blog will be about, though it’s probably not going to be a place to post my stories or such, seeing as I’ve already got tumblr for that particular thing (my tumblr for that’s ridiculously-crazy btw. Just if you were curious…), so maybe this’ll just be about private stuff or such?

I dunno.

Maybe just random thoughts or such, we’ll see, I guess.

…Maybe I’ll post some analysis…

Eh, we’ll see.

Maybe it’ll just be a mishmash of everything anyway.

That’s probably what it’s going to be, to be completely honest.

So… yeah.

See/Read you when I’ve got something to actually write about/that I want to write about, I guess.

Until then: Bye-bye!\^w^


2 thoughts on “So, first post, huh?

  1. Jeyna Grace April 10, 2015 / 6:14 am

    Welcome to wordpress! I hope you stick around 🙂


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